My Doodles

Are Bigger Than Yours.

Most of the things I make are pretty NSFW. This is a collection of some of my less-objectionable drawings.

I can't even remember where I got coloured pencils from. I must have been high as fuck in my early 20's.

They're all awkwardly high-res (I'm a data nazi), so you might want to zoom out (CTRL+scroll).

In case you're twisted enough to want to use any of them, they're all (I'm a data nazi).

Stupid Faces

I call this fellow "Mr. Nice Guy", even though he's a bit of a cunt.

I'm pretty sure I used to have names for these delinquents as well. Now I call them "Shape Things".

I call this one "Generic, Unbranded Italian Plumber Without Hat".

And these are my "Sexy Vampire Twins".

Fuck asparagus cracks me up. I call this one "Asparagus XD".

Mushroom Trips

They make acid trips look like a quiet night out on the pingas. Not sure if it's just the stuff we get in Canberra, but, like, woah, man.

I call this one "Tripping Bollocks". It reminds me of Megadeth.

A drug trip is a lot like an onion. I call this one "Happy Mushroom Teeth".

This is how I look when I dance. The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory.


These things are really hard to break... So I've heard. I call this one "Presumption of Innocence".