My Links

A Selection Of Fine Internets.

Here you will find my attempt at boiling down the whole Internet into a list of links with descriptions.

Some day I might write a more formal pinax of the online world, but for now this will just have to do.

Hilarious Shit

Everybody knows the Internet is for porn, but it's also great for posting memes.

The Greatest Website Ever

Without a doubt, 4chan is the greatest website ever. 4chan represents the complete lack of social and moral fabric on which the whole Internet relies.

Unfortunately, it may not be suitable for "norms" like you, so I'd recommend cutting your teeth on the shitposts at r/4chan before diving into any of the really NSFW stuff.

Other Crap

Nothing will ever be as hilarious as 4chan, but at least these sites are trying.

Free Books & Media

I'll briefly refrain from pointing out the obvious and instead suggest some legal sources of free books & media:

Also Notable...

Free Software

There is a lot of free software available on the web (as well as through Google Play and other specialised channels). Even if you're looking for a complete replacement for your Windows-based software stack, you have a lot of options.

Some people make generalisations (either positive or negative) about free software, but you'll find quality varies just as much in commercial software. All major websites rely heavily on free software already, so it probably won't do you much harm. (Anyone who says there's no such thing as a free lunch mustn't go to many meetings.)

The community of free software users and developers is immeasurably large and there are always many alternatives and arguments. I'd recommend using whatever works best for you (free or otherwise) and avoiding political/legal discussions.

Consumer/Office Applications

It would literally take gigabytes just to link to all of them, so I'll only mention some of the most useful pieces of software here:

Specialist/Business Applications

Public Domain Software Resources

There's "free software", and then there's free software.

For those of us who don't spend our days arguing about economic incentives and legal semantics, the best software is either explicitly donated to the public domain (e.g. ) or is developed by people who just don't care about copyright.

Unfortunately, many (though not all) of the best public domain works aren't so well maintained or aren't suitable for general consumption (i.e. you won't find many iPad apps here). Some exceptional works, like SQLite and CLIPS, are extremely well-maintained and used as a foundation for many popular end-user apps. Many of the others will primarily be of use to specific software developers trying to solve specific problems.

Some of the better sites covering purely public domain works include: