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I'm an outsider to the commercial software development industry, but my talents are unsurpassed.

My professional background is mostly in fresh produce, my training is mostly in sales and food processing. I don't have any university degrees and I wagged high school to smoke bongs. I still got top of the class in maths, and I regret nothing.

I was forced into learning mathematics as a child because of my family's background in small business, however I'm naturally terrible at arithmetic so I had to compensate by learning many optimisations and continually double-checking my results.

I was initially taught to use computers by my grandmother, who showed me that they can do all of that stuff for me, and now as a result, I can code better than anyone in your office.

If you pay me enough, I'll prove it.

My Specialties

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See the Projects section of my site for some examples of my work. A download of an application I'm working on right now is available on the SDK page (there are also some screenshots if you're lazy).

My profiles on GitHub (also mirrored at GitLab) and Chisel also feature some examples of my work.

My profiles on XPlace and LinkedIn may highlight some more of my skills.

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Contact me at zak.fenton@outlook.com to arrange an interview today, because tomorrow I might be too busy selling SkyNet ;).

(That actually wasn't a joke. If you're in the market for a cybernetic supervirus sent from Hell to destroy the Internet, you really should contact me ASAP.)