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As A Kitchen Hand!

Hi there! My name is Zak.

I'm just an honest, hard-working person trying to stand out amongst a crowd of enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals.

What I'm Looking For

Skills & Experience

I'm a bit of an all-rounder, but I was born into a family of serious foodies and I'm most comfortable in a well-equipped commercial kitchen.

The sound of sizzling oil and clanging pots is music to my ears. I'd like to open my own restaurants some day, but there's plenty more for me to learn before I get to that point.

Summary of Prior Activities

Cooking & Cleaning

Business & Customer Service


Long story short, I can help you fix your Excel reports and communicate effectively with your web designers. Visit my Software Developer resume for more information about my technology-related skills.


Potential Deal Breakers

I'd really like to climb the employment ladder, but I wasn't born yesterday, so there are a few red flags I look for when starting a new job:

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Email zak.fenton@outlook.com to book an interview before your competitors get to me first!