Contact Me

Just Get Your People To Call My People.

On second thoughts, no. I'm not putting my people's phone numbers up online.

Outlook Address

You can direct any ideas, constructive criticism and hate mail to my personal email.

LinkedIn Profile

I'm not a big fan of social media (I use Facebook about twice a year nowadays), but I do have a slightly-outdated profile on LinkedIn for professional purposes.

XPlace Profile

I've recently added a profile on XPlace, a freelance marketplace.

GitHub/GitLab/Fossil Profiles

Check out my GitHub profile or my GitLab profile for public projects (please report bugs via GitHub).

I generally use Fossil to develop my own projects (it's quicker than Git), so I also have a Chisel profile with (at least) one project uploaded.

Other Details

ABN: 57 320 239 661 (Zak Fenton, Technology Consultant/Sole Trader)

Location: Charnwood, Australian Capital Territory