Why The Site?

What Makes ZakFenton Worthy Of A DotCom?

This page attempts to explain (though not necessarily justify) why I put this site together.

I Need A Job

And not another $17/hr fauxprenticeship - a real job.

Having my own dotcom makes it much easier to introduce myself to potential employers. I can link them straight to my resume, I can put up special portfolio demos and cover letters with ease. I don't have to screw around within the confines of a LinkedIn profile.

I'm A Nerd

It might be weird if you had a website, but I am weird, so I kind-of need one.

For all you know, this site's only real purpose is as a proxy for my viruses to phone home through.

Yeah, that's probably why your router's been acting funny.

(Just kidding. It was probably those pesky Russians.)

It's Handy As A Backup

If my laptop dies, I only lose the files that aren't on my server.

It's basically like having a dropbox or carrying a thumb drive everywhere you go, except surprisingly easier to use. At least ont Ubuntu, you just connect to the server from your file manager and it basically works like an external drive. No special apps required. (I have no idea if this works on Windows, you might need to install a separate FTP/SSH client.)

It's My Personal Echo Chamber

In other words, it's a place where my opinion - the correct opinion - is the only one to discuss, and where criticism is strictly limited to rational meditation. This allows me to form stronger and more in-depth opinions before taking any of them public in a more visible way.

When it comes to philosophy and politics, I'm definitely a Gandhiist, and he was a strong advocate of this kind of method (as were the Buddhas, the Pharoahs, the Greek masters, etc.). This is like my Ashram, a temple of truth and kindness, devoid of lies and hatred.

It's Actually Pretty Easy

It only takes a day or so and about $100 to put together a basic website. Most of that day is just waiting for DNS servers to update, and most of that $100 can be avoided if you're really cheap. Maintenance costs are very low.

The only reason web designers charge so much is because they need money - the basic infrastructure, services and materials are all either cheap or free, and the only real costs are intensive design elements (logos, animations, dynamic content, etc.).

Sites which don't allow users to upload or modify anything are especially easy to produce, and sites with pretty standard interactions (comments, feedback forms, surveys, etc.) aren't much more complicated.