Your Web Is Too Small For Me

I Demand A Bigger One, With Cooler Stuff

Main Site

I have one pretty awesome domain and I'd like to do some pretty awesome stuff with it. Contact me for more information.

When people say "stoners have no ambition", what they mean is "stoners have no money".

When I get hold of some money, I'm going to spend some of it on weakening the democratic system, and the rest of it on drones. Democracy ain't got shit on a finely-tuned, solar-powered, mesh-networked, pattern-avoiding, hawk-trained, stream-to-stream multi-layered ANN-based drone swarm which may or may not already know your WiFi password.

Surrender to The World Domination Party, and you will never have to surrender again.

Other Sites

I also have a number of side projects which might pan out eventually. Actually, most of got boring, but I still have one business-related domain left.


Businesspeople can't seem to understand the concept of small, focused menus - so let's give them exactly what they want - everything.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep eating exquisite burritos from the small, focused menu at Zambrero.