My Hobbies

Things I Do When I'm Not Doing Other Things.


I've overworked my legs a bit so I'm keeping it to a minimum for now, but my favourite thing in the world is walking up to the peak of a mountain or following a creek until it disappears beneath the soil.

I've never take it too seriously, but when my legs get better I hope to go on some more adventurous trips, at least around Kosciuszko and Uluru.


Fiction is boring (why not just wait for the movie?), but I enjoy reading about mathematics, biology, history and other subjects.

I'm slowly picking up Latin, which is interesting both for original works (especially the likes of Livy) and for it's applicability to other languages.

I'd like to learn every language and read everything, but I accept I'll run out of time before that happens.


I'm basically just a really slow computer with lots of really unreliable memory. I like learning about methods of solving problems which can be applied to a wide variety of problems, i.e. cybernetics.

I'm familiar with all major programming languages, CPU architectures, file formats, network protocols and the like, and I've also contributed minor patches to a couple of open source software projects (Deepin GNU/Linux distribution, Java-GNOME platform bindings). I might build SkyNet and I might install it on your computer without asking first. I'm not, however, generally interested in software development as a career.

My favourite mathematician is Sylvain Poirier (author of and my favourite equation at the moment is Y=(N/ADF)+CF (Google it, for some reason Grav is messing up the link).

World Domination

You can sit there telling me it's unachievable all day long, but at the end of the day, who's going to stop me? Are you going to stop me?

Besides, has anybody got a more realistic plan for achieving world peace than simply putting me in charge of everything? Why not pleed with all your enemies to all surrender to me, and simply allow me to arbitrate all of your personal, interpersonal, national and international affairs? How much frustration and bloodshed will the alternative require, and how can this be justified? If I cannot be trusted to arbitrate affairs, then how can you trust anybody else to? If you can't trust one person, then how can you trust an entire government?

I'll find a way to convince you all eventually. It's only a matter of time.


I also talk a lot. The more you criticise my bullshit, the more famous I become.

At least, that's my plan.

(To be specific, I hope to upload enough questionable material on my own site that people are compelled to discredit me on theirs, thereby substantially increasing my search-engine rankings, thereby exposing others to my bullshit, thereby snowballing. That's why I don't have a comments section. Sounds rational, right?)