I'm Actually Quite Boring

Seriously, I Am.

I like talking, just not about myself. Why talk about me when we could be talking about World Domination, for example?

Oh, right... I need credentials for that.

Who Am I?

I'm not Zak Fenton, that's just a pretty good name for me.

I'm the mystic logician whose credibility is incredible.

My abilities outnumber the sum of all positive integers.

I can even drink water from the sea without getting sick.

Who aren't I?

Oh yeah. Zak Fenton.

Okay Fine, So I Am Zak Fenton

I'm 27 years old and I live in Canberra, Australia. I've worked in retail & food service most of my adult life (i.e. since I was about 8), but I also have a fair bit of experience (and a lot of talent) in the field of software development.

I like solving problems, I like civilisation and I like the Internet. I don't like solving puzzles, I don't like politics and I don't like social media.

I'd like to open my own restaurant some day, combining my interests in food and technology to provide an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience. It will be dedicated to Hercules, lined with custom-built arcade machines and will feature a dazzling pyrotechnics display inspired by kebabs and Hiroshima. If you fund it, I will make you wealthier than Ptolemy II.

I'm currently studying a Diploma of Web Development with Martin College (or, at least, I thought I was - but their enrollment system sucks) and (whenever I get hold of both parts and time) working on various hardware/software contraptions. If you can think of a more profitable use of my time, then you should Contact Me.